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It quickly investigated, held a disciplinary hearing and suspended the male student for seven months.

The man, an American student in the same university department as the woman, said the entire encounter was consensual.Our lab technicians will not ask you uncomfortable questions when you arrive for your test. Because we want to protect your privacy, your charges will be shown as FPK Services on your monthly statement Get your money back for any STD test that you cancel prior to going to one of our testing centers.Our glossary of STD lingo will help you understand the terms used to talk about STDs, testing, and therapy We test for every common sexually transmitted disease, not just a few of them.This year, in an unusual move, federal regulators picked up his complaint. Within months, they had widened their investigation into how all allegations of sexual violence are handled at A&M, a university that has mostly been praised for its handling of such cases.The federal inquiry adds a new wrinkle to the nationwide discussion about rape on campus.

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