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And that was like the most embarrassing thing of my life," he said."When you think of someone as a princess, the queen of your life, your mind plays tricks on you.The pop star stepped out for a night out on the town in Hollywood on Monday, July 1, with Evan Ross, the son of legendary Motown singer Diana Ross, in tow — and the two resurfaced again the next day for a daytime bite.

It's like: ' Well, you could look at it this way: At least you have power over everything else.'". "When the record became the biggest record in our history at that time, I came to him and said, ' Man, you were right.' I learned a lot," said Gordy.

"Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably ten years," a source says of the duo.

"They know each other from the club scene and have tons of mutual friends." Simpson last beau was actor Vincent Piazza, but the couple pulled the plug on their relationship in November 2012 after a year and a half of dating.

Evan Ross says his ultra famous mom totally approves of his new love. Obviously this means they're madly in love, right?

I had them take her to a seat." Even those nosy "insiders" seemed to think everything...

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The 18-year-old Michael Jackson was coy when I interviewed him back in 1978 and we got on to the subject of his friends. 'A very dear, close friend that I can tell my deepest, darkest secrets to because I know she won't tell anyone else. It emerged earlier this week that in his will, drawn up in 2002, he named the 65-year-old singer as the person he wanted to be the guardian of his children should his mother be unable to care for them. All his life he was drawn to powerful women who seemed self-sufficient.

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