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The pea coat is my favorite winter coat, because it’s the “manliest” out there.It’s originally been worn by 18th century European sailors, who, because of the harsh conditions, needed a double breasted item of clothing to keep them warm. – Double breasted jacket – Wide lapels – Vertical pockets – Large buttons You’ll see in the pictures below why I said it’s so manly. Pea coats are usually made of wool and are of navy blue color.Pea coats you find in the stores are not really designed for extreme temperatures.A nice bonus for some pea coats is that their lapels can be turned up and buttoned, to keep your neck warm.Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Peacoat Puffer Coat with Faux-Fur Trim, Big Girls (7-16) - Black 12/14 Snuggly soft with lush faux-fur trim, Tommy Hilfiger's hooded puffer jacket is a warm, classic choice for chilly days.Littoe Potatoes Little Girls Navy Single Breasted Fleece Pea Coat 2T-6 Girls' fleece single breasted pea coat from Littoe Potatoes just for your precious little one. Cutely tailored, this coat will provide warmth and softness, great comfort and style for the cold ...Also notice how the last button is kept unbuttoned.

Jacket has large plastic buttons with anchors on them d...(more) 80s -Major Coat Company- Mens deep dark midnight blue background wool plain sleeve cuffs longsleeve double breasted button front wool pea coat jacket. Puma Golf Girls Pounce Polo, Peacoat, Medium A style essential, the pounce polo is a go-to top for all things golf.Puma Golf Girls Pounce Polo, Peacoat, X-Large A style essential, the pounce polo is a go-to top for all things golf.If the last button were buttoned, you’ll feel a little uncomfortable and you would have trouble keeping your legs in a comfortable position. I know some guys would never wear white pants during winter but that’s really a personal choice.The thing with white pants during winter, autumn and spring is that they can get dirty very easily.

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It’s the fact that the lapels for a very deep v-neck, allowing for the sweater or shirt to be visible. Choose one in either black or navy blue to make sure it will work wih just about any winter outfit.

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