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So let me be clear about this: I don’t have to what I described in part one. I have a series of small ideas that might be worth trying and a larger one to spell out. They can’t be ignored any more than an announcement on can be disregarded.And I’m not saying my suggestions are equal to the task. But it true that Trump uses his Twitter feed to deflect, distract, intimidate, monopolize and confuse. Switch to an “outside in” (rather than inside out) pattern. From a follower on Twitter: (Good ideas can come from anywhere.) Seek and accept offers to speak on the radio in areas of Trump’s greatest support. Perfect thing to talk about about on red state talk radio: comparing Trump’s campaign promises to what what he has actually done. Make common cause with scholars who have been there.

But David Fahrenthold, the Washington Post reporter who uncovered the fiction of Donald Trump’s philanthropic giving, is single-handedly showing the way.“An issue is a public matter: some value cherished by publics is felt to be threatened.” When the issues that get attention fail to connect to people’s troubles, or when common troubles don’t get surfaced and formulated as public issues…that is where journalism-as-listener can intervene, and earn back trust.You don’t “solve” messes, you approach them with humility and respect for their beastliness.Trying things you know won’t “fix” it can teach you more about the problem’s wickedness. Realizing that no one is an expert in the problem helps, because it means that good ideas can come from anywhere. If I were running a big national desk in DC, I would try to zero-base the beat structure.

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It’s not just the great stories he’s digging up, or the way they hold power to account.

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