Dating a married man with kids

And my kid was a priority after that.” So think about a married man. And by realizing that, you realize that if you are going to split the pot, it starts to get really ugly. The second a man leaves his wife and she finds out – because she will – that he’s having an affair, she’s going to hang, hang him out to dry. You just get to the point in your life when you realize you don’t want to work as much as you used to work. Further, Web MD explains that while most women seek out affairs for emotional connection and validation, many married men prefer to keep extramarital relationships physical rather than becoming close emotionally.In many cultures and social circles, people treat “the other woman” scornfully.

You see what type of father he is (that’s if you are in that stage of your life) and you see him as husband material. With anybody who’s a great communicator and really stands to love, they’re not going to waste their time with a married man.

He’s getting the sex from you, and the emotional connection, but he’s still getting something from his wife.

And then, when you’re ready to put the big girl pants on, get real about relationships and get real with yourself and learn about your triggers and learn about your emotional blocks, then you’ve grown in that relationship.

What may start out as a happy diversion can lead to emotional damage for you and for your married man, a messy divorce and a devastated family.

Even if your married boyfriend ends up separated from his wife, past feelings of resentment and mistrust can undermine your relationship.

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