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For just 00/hr, we can Skype video call any day of the week, but not weekends, because I need to go do Yoga with my dog. This is extremely dangerous as the victim requires real counselling or therapy, not a life coach. If you want to gain passion, just try out all sorts of shit until your heart and mind clicks. They only make you feel better without actually solving your problems. If you like what you read, support my work right here at Patreon!

I don’t normally do this for others, but since the cosmos have brought us together, in this very moment, the little voice in my head told me I should give you a discount. Gee, since I don’t want to find a real therapist, I’m going to assume you’re a better deal since you’re so fun and cool and you use words like universe. Sweeping real pain under the rug I cannot imagine how a person who’s suffering from real problems and trauma try to solve their shit with life coaching. If you’re feeling depressed, go see a doctor or go help others. If you want to know more, go to your local library and read.

The awkward human interaction inside will make you love humans and life. That’d really appeal to me since I’m a vulnerable loser for people like you to shove ideas down my throat and stop believing in myself. You may be high, but whatever goes up, comes down eventually.

I want you to consider going for their Cuddle Party. Drop out of college because billionaires out there did the same. A few thousand dollars on some shitty coaching and you’re going to tell others you wasted your money and you’re still filled with problems?! Or perhaps it was the “endorphin” from the large amount of inspiration that was force fed into you that’s giving you the high, so much so you’re already blind to your problems. The bigger question is whether you’re capable enough to solve your problems on your own.

But on a more serious note, here’s a plot twist: This was how I failed in being a life coach in like a week. I really needed money to be able to fly abroad to see my girlfriend. But alas, come the end of my free trial, nobody bought my coaching even though it was a “low low” price of 0 (or was it 5) per hour to hear me speak out of my ass. If it’s not obvious enough, the field of life coaching is . Is that, in a nutshell, they’re spreading an ideal that’s filled to the brim with naivete and generally wasting vulnerable people’s time and money. Want to learn how to make money even though nobody is even making money at all? There’s no magic pill or training program for anything that’s challenging in life. If you want more friends, meet people by going out and keep an open mind. If you hate your job, quit it already or at least make a plan on when to quit exactly.

A fellow marketer then taught me, “It’s okay you don’t have a product to sell yet. He claimed I made a big difference in his life and he couldn’t stop telling his colleagues about me. And what’s worse is if that the life coach tries to NLP your ass to make you fork out the money. I meant that you can start being responsible for yourself and make a life for yourself.

One of them was very thankful and now we’re still friends. One can only wonder how doctors feel when they’ve to deal with patients who claim they manage to self-diagnosed their condition because of Web MD. You stop believing in yourself that you can absolutely do something on your own. For whatever that’s out there in this world, somebody started doing it on their own first. I don’t mean that in a condescending “stop being a nerd” way.

I even successfully coached a total of three people for free over Skype. Perhaps you’ll be a star student and be fully qualified at a shorter time because they also included their Coaching Training Accelerator program for free. The surge of internet certification has made it too easy for everyone. Complete lapse in judgment of yourself Some people do need help. You destroy your own abilities to make judgments of yourself and things around you. If you can’t ever believe in yourself, what is life?

Enter Ultimate Pretentious Life Coach Master of the Universe: UPLCMU: Hi! The sights alone made me cry like baby and that experience makes me feel like I invoked the spirit of Ghandi himself. Well for starters I’ve traveled the world and went to a bunch of mountains. Can you feel the positive energy going back to the core of your spiritual being? Also, when I was 12, a lot of friends in school said I was so motivating. Some friends said I was like the white Oprah in the making.

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